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I love my Big Berkey! Having worked in the natural, holistic health industry for several years, it is my top priority to ensure I am drinking and using the purest water I can get. With Berkey I have the peace of mind knowing all toxins and pathogens have been removed from my water without losing the benefits of the minerals within it and it tastes great too!


Everything tastes better with my Berkey water! I use it for all my hot & cold drinks as well as all my cooking.

Alice: Retired Senior

I love my Sport Berkey! It fits inside my purse and, if closed & sitting upright, doesn't make a mess. It's easy to carry when I go walking and always fits in my car cup holder. I am always confident I am drinking healthy and great tasting water. I would be lost without it!!!!!

Pat: House Cleaner

I won't go without my Sport Berkey! I started with one bottle but I would forget it at home or at school. Now I have two. I won't be without it!!!!

Joy: Teacher

About us

Water Walkers Global is a company commited to enhancing people's water and overall wellness. We are authorized Berkey distributors and stand behind these amazing purification systems. We use these systems in our homes and at work ourselves. We stay current with new products on the market & new research to ensure the Berkey system is a product we can stand behind.